Monday, June 27. Trail Angel Cafe (mile 1380.6) to 1395.5 water cache 22.

This section was super hot, and along the Hat Creek Rim has over 30 miles with no natural water. Very nice people keep a 500 gallon tank full of lifesaving aqua and is much appreciated.

We started at about 5:05 and had to carry about 5 liters of water (Jolie carried 8 with her over 45 pound pack. It was interesting watching her struggle to put it on each day. We are discussing ways to get her pack lighter.

Got to see a nice sunrise after about an hour of walking. The trail is mostly flat and easy, just very dusty and hot (very similar to the Southern California desert)

Mount Shasta always in front of us, and Mount Lassen always behind us.

Slowly getting closer (or did I Zoom the camera?)

This was a mild version of the pack on adventure.

2nd breakfast after 4 hours of walking. Just over 8 miles with low heat. The next 5 miles will be very hot.

We are often exposed, but the Hat Creek Rim views are awesome.

A weather tower

Made it to the water Cache 22 by about 12:30. We wisely decided to camp there. It was a little buggy so we set up our tents without rain flies. That aloud is great night views of the sky and stars. No visible moon.

Can you see the stars? I can’t either. It was a hot but great 1st day. Once Jolie gets her pack on, she hikes very well.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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