Tuesday, June 28 cache 22 (mile 1393) to Burney (off trail at mile 1410)

Based on what the hikers at the church were saying, we left ourselves the option of hiking 17 miles and then heading into Burney and the church for 2 nights rather than 1.

We were able to start walking at 5:15 am and got to see another fabulous sunrise around 6.

Hard to read on camera PCT sign.

Made it to Baum lake. I have hiked the next 30 some miles of the PCT with Just Mike before. It still is a gorgeous and pretty level easy trail with out any hard ups or downs.

Made it past our 1st natural water spot in a while, Rock spring at mile 1424. The skeeters were brutal so no pictures. I thought this branch looked like a dragons mouth, but it might have been heat exhaustion. We thought we might need to dry camp here, so the last 1.5 miles carried 7 liters. We arrived at 1:30 and took a long break while deciding if to soldier on 2.9 more miles where we could hitch or taxi to the church, with showers, real food, and no bugs.

Having decided the allure of showers was to hard to pass up, we left at 4:15 or so and covered the 2.9 miles pretty quickly. Dave from Daytrippers picked us up, and off we went. JT did well, but was a tad tired as we had just done 17 miles. (And did get her 1st 10 miles by 10 a-clock. (Actually 10.75!)

It was lovely to shower, and have a cold beer and hot burger at the bowling alley. There must have been 15 hikers spread all over the church gym. It was a tad loud and sleep was not easy ( but no bugs so it gets a big yea!)


Easy trail so far, buts it’s filthy dirty and HOT!

Tomorrow we can slack pack just 8 miles into Burney Falls and hitch back to Burney and the church for our last night there (2 night max stay

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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