Sunday June 26, 2022. Old Station (1377.4) to Castle Crags (mile 1501.2)

Met J T in woodland and drove to Burney Falls to drop off our resupply. Then drove past Dunsmuir to Castle Crags and dropped off the magic Prius. Then Shasta Taxi took us to Old Station where we we would start hiking the next day.

JT and myself at Burney Falls on Sunday. Did the gorgeous 1.2 mile loop trail. Cool waterfall as its source is underground water and mostly shoots out the rocks rather than over them.

Checked out the word of life church in Burney. They open up their gym, showers, kitchen, etc to PCT hikers. Very cool! Our plan is to stay there Wed.

Based on what some of the hikers told us at the Church, we decided to hike 3 miles on Sunday and stay at the “Trail Angel Cafe”. Tac parks his Rv there during hiking season and gives out much needed water, snacks and coffee to hikers. Very appreciated

Our taxi driver kinda refused to drop us off where I wanted and instead drove us 2 miles up the hill to the trail. Since it was getting dark, we decided he was correct and we actually started hiking at mile 1380 and therefore made it to the cafe before dark. YEA! We both were tired as the drive was long and hot.

Tac’s helper, Stegy (very nice Stegasaurus tattoo)

Got to watch a truly gorgeous sunset.

That’s Tac.

Drank some hot chocolate, ate an Oreo, and cowboy camped so we could start by 5:00 am. It was going to be HOT!

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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