Pacific Crest Trail

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In February 2020, a friend started his plans to hike the legendary Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Having no original thoughts of my own, I asked if I could join him, and was told “the more the merrier” so here I am. Fourteen months later I am 2 weeks away from the start of my adventure (April 8, 2021), and will use this site to chronicle my training, gear, and the the trials, tribulations, and joy to come. What a long strange trip its been.

5/15/23 Joshua Springs mile 666 to Mill springs mile 684. 18 miles.

Started hiking at 5:45 am. Perfect conditions and slept great! Required nature shot! Get to see the sun around 6:15. Feeling good! Sun. Not much cover. Small but usable water source. Really nice views! Hikers gather at the water that is available. The key issue today is if I have…

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