Day 5. April 18. Cleghorn day use area (mile 329) to Cajon Pass Inn (mile 342). Section C done!!!

To avoid the heat, started the day early at 6:00 am. The repair of the inflatable was a partial success. I could be comfortable for about 45 minutes when it would deflate to about 50% and stay there. With my extra clothes as a butt pad, this was workable. I will try to fix better tonight when stores appear.


Got to see dueling moonrise and sunset last night. It may not show up in the photo, but it looked awesome!

Starting to see the sun around 7

That should be lake silverwood near where I camped. Got a nice easy 1000 foot climb to start the day. Manageable in the morning when it’s cool.

Lake Silverwood again.

Love that lake

Entering a rare so cal bird riparian area. No time to read as I need to hike!

The snowy peaks in the distance are the San Gabriel mountains.

That’s where my car is parked! Can I get there? (Ps I think I look skinnier, lol. Maybe, not eating much so far. Been carrying way to much food.

Not sure what this is suppose to show. Lol.

Trail magic at the end of the day. Veggie dogs, beer, fruit and a charging station. Very nice

Just kept getting bigger

And bigger


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