Day 4. April 17. HAPPY EASTER!. Miles 314 to 329.5

Sadly, the patch job failed. I was able to use my extra clothes for makeshift pad. That little cushion, combined with utter exhaustion, allowed me a pretty good night rest in the horse area at Joshua bar. About 10 tents eventually were there.

The owner of the bar took 4 of us to the trail at6;30 am. I wish we had started at 6 because it got very hot after 11. No cool down breeze.

After an easy cool 1.5 hours, the sun appeared. The 1st 10 miles was easy, nice path, little climbing. Then the trail turned hard and the sun turned hot!

Trail magic a little before the dam. So very happy I drank one, I needed it. A passerby also gave me a liter of water 2 miles later. I needed every ounce!

The start of the dam that creates lake Silverwood. Very popular rec area.

Lake silverwood. It winds all around.

Finally made it to the Creghorn day use area. Water and restrooms were very much needed. With no wind, and constant sun, I needed and took a 2 hour break. Also tried to repatch my pad with a bunch of strong tape to seal the edges. So far it’s working!

The day use area. You cannot camp here. The rangers come by each night at 7:30 and kick out all overnight campers. To bad.

Although no “official” camp spots exist for the next 15 miles, I will look for a spot soon. Had to pass on several as they were to visible from the nearby road.

Found this great spot behind a bush. Hopefully people will leave me alone. I am very close to the trail.

The trail is right behind the bush, and the road just beyond. If I peek out, I can see the road. Therefore no peeking.

Tomorrow the is 13 miles to the Cajon pass inn, with shower and a bed. Then I can decide if i will try the “30 miles from hell”. 30 miles with crazy climbs, and no water for last twenty miles!

So far the patch is holding!


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