Day 6 April 19. Weird day due to equipment issues. Miles 369 (inspiration point) to mile 374 (Vincent Gap) and miles 342 (Cajon) to mile 347 (water cache)

Since I had to go to REI to get pad patches, my normal hiking day was shot. So I used a friendly trail angel (Mary) who helped drive me around to various spots where I hiked from. The end result is I did get about 10 miles in today, and tomorrow I have 22 miles of uphill (5500 feet) with no water at all except for the water cache at the start.

So my day started with McDonald’s and coffee and then the REI trip. No photos of that adventure.

Mary dropped me off at inspiration point and off I went. Lovely easy trail with great views

Inspiration point

Finally reached the San Gabrial mountains and Powell/Biden.

Visitor center and bathroom. Very clean.

Very nice forest “desert”

Easy to get distracted by the views

Finally reached Vincent gap, hitched into wrightwood, and Mary took me to the water cache at mile 347

Lots of happy hikers at the water cache. Mary and 4 others keep it stocked. Hikers appreciate it!

Great views as you approach Cajon. Highway 15 is always busy and constant long ass trains go by.

Into the abyss go I!

Reached the underpass to highway 15. Kinda scary

I think the Loch Ness monster lives in here. Day ended at 6:2.0. Happy to still get 10 miles in.

Tomorrow will be brutal . 22 miles with no weather and almost 6K elevation gain. Will see how far I get .

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

One thought on “Day 6 April 19. Weird day due to equipment issues. Miles 369 (inspiration point) to mile 374 (Vincent Gap) and miles 342 (Cajon) to mile 347 (water cache)

  1. We loved your great pictures! Hoping you find a trail angel or a spring along the way as you climb tomorrow. Good that you got your pad fixed so you can get a good night’s sleep.


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