Day 9. April 16. I finish section A. Miles 101 to 109

The day could not have started off better. Nice sunset and a ride back to the trail from Kim (with the Montezuma valley market). Slept pretty good and hit the trail before 7:00. Hoped to reach Warner Springs by 11, if my just over 2 mph usual pace held.

The initial views were quite nice, but no where near the elevation gains and losses experienced earlier. I don’t think we gained or lost more than 600 feet all day. The path was always smooth and easy, and almost no rocks. Also lots of easy to get to nice flowing water. It was like the trail was beckoning me to keep going.

After a short climb and decent, I reached what I assume is Montezuma valley

I climbed out of the valley on an easy path looking for the famous “Eagle Rock”. I suspect it is one of those rocks off in the distance. Mile 106.

Eagle rock was very cool to see and a nice day hiker on the trail took what I hope are good pics. Please feel free to photo shop in an american flag anyplace you choose.

This is San Felipe creek which was earlier in the day. It just looked pretty.

With only 4 miles left to go on this easy, mild weather, and easy path day, suddenly after miles and miles of no natural water, it was everywhere.

Frankly, it was kind of irritating, lol

Seeing the posting and warnings for section B, it was official I HAD FINISHED SECTION A!!

With a room reserved in Idyllwild, I started to hitch the 1.5 hours and 3 to four highways away trip. Amazingly, I got 3 rides In less then 5 minutes, and got to check in and shower at the Silver pine lodge by 12:30. This hitch had bothered me for 2 days, and I was thrilled how easy it went

The room and shower are great, My hiker laundry is being done as I type, and my bounce box of hiker gear and clean clothes arrived to the hotel on time. I am enjoying pot stickers, mini corn dogs and a cold beer at the Lumbermill, a very good local spot

Rose will be meeting me here tomorrow, This has been a blast. Difficult and painful at times, and the path ahead is unrelenting. I may well be done. But if so this is not a loss but a gain.

1 year ago I weighed 270 pounds and had not backpacked in 35 years. Now I suspect my weight is under 200 pounds, I am in great shape, and just hiked a tough 109 miles section of the famous Pacific Crest Trail (not the pacific valley trail, no way. This trail fights hard to find its crests). I understand and appreciate backpacking and California much better then ever

Even if done, I still can return to the PCT this year or any year for more section hikes. Should be fun.

What a long strange trip it has been, indeed!

Published by tomconnolly3

Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

4 thoughts on “Day 9. April 16. I finish section A. Miles 101 to 109

  1. Had never heard of Eagle Rock – amazing
    rocks and great pictures. You’ve shared so much from your journey and we’ve laughed and uh oh’d all the way with you.
    Thanks for sharing your wild adventure with us. Enjoy Idyllwild with Rose! Keep us posted on you decision.


  2. Congratulations Tom, what an accomplishment, physically and mentally you should be over the top proud of yourself 👏👏


  3. The Eagle Rock is really cool. Was it carved or several rocks moved to create it?
    I have several other questions about your trek:
    1. Do you have 1 or more trail buddies, or is it just whoever happens to be hiking that day?
    2. Do you mostly follow a trail, or are there large segments of riding or hitchhiking down roads?
    3. Do you have preplanned stays in hotels or cabins, or is your schedule malleable?
    4. If your health and endurance hold up, do you plan to hike the whole trail?

    I did not know much about the trail, but I have been in Manning Park in BC, just north of the northern terminus.
    Good luck and weather to you,
    fiddlerBarry aka Lorien Wise aka Lor Wise Guy.


  4. Eagle Rock i believe is natural

    I generally had semi planned rest and break spots, but you have to be flexible

    I am not hiking the entire route this year but will return to hike various sections as possible

    I did not have people to hike with All the younfg people were a lot faster than me, and i was usually faster than the older hikers,


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