Day 8. April 16. Miles 91 to 101 (Yes I made it to mile 100, the minimum goal I had set

The day was less windy as I started out at 6:40 to avoid the sun. It was chilly, but not a problem

Hiker registry and water walk to the right.

1000 moderate to easy feet up followed by 1000 easy feet down. Everyone I started before easily passed me by mile 9 of the day

I did finally make it to mile 100. Kinda cool.

My back and neck continue to hurt, and tripping is still an issue.

Finally made it into Montezuma market and took the Yeti photo

When Yeti asked for my backpack and poles, I agreed quickly.

The “queen cabin” is nothing but 4 walls and a bed.


Here is the market. It’s pretty cool and the people are friendly.

My hiker laundry drying

Cooked a steak In the bunkhouse which was made more interesting due to the fact that no plates, forks, seasoning, or towels were provided. A fellow hiker, Sage, happened to have some beef terreaki flavoring, which was wonderful. Sage is a bit older and has had some issues on this trip. She started 3/17, got wiped out by the storm, had to change her tent, and brought wind gear thinking it was snow and wet gear. She arrived in Mount Laguna after everything closed and her son had to rescue her and take her home for a few days. She also has had 2 bad falls and had to recover for a while. Sweet sweet lady determined to get to Warner Springs at least

I am now resting my back and neck. Tomorrow I head to Warner springs which is the end of section A and will determine then if I will continue on, or call it a successful mini adventure. It’s a mild 8 miles. Even if I am done after tomorrow, I still consider this an adventure worth attempting, and it has been worth the effort.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

2 thoughts on “Day 8. April 16. Miles 91 to 101 (Yes I made it to mile 100, the minimum goal I had set

  1. Tom keep on going you can get farther than this go for mile 150. I know you can do it. Eat when you need to and it is one foot in front of the other. Eat that elephant one bite at a time.


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