5/17/23 Fox Mill spring mile 683 to Kennedy Meadows south mile 702 and the end of the desert!

Got to start hiking at 5:40 am.

Another great sunrise. Nice 1500 foot climb to start the day. Not to bad. Went pretty fast and easy. 3000 foot drop

Some snow at 8000 feet

Very fire damaged area. Kinda sad.

South Kern river racing ahead. Actually washed out several sections of the trail requiring semi difficult rock scramble.

Trail gone. Time to scramble!

Mile 700. 3 to go!

Possible storm clouds coming in. Wish I could hike faster.

Made it. Now time for pizza and beer! The desert is done!!!’n

Some other hikers

Next day took 4 hikers with me. 2 French girls and an ex marine to Fresno and “Stakes” (far left) who ended up staying with us 2 nights in woodland (and yes “Stakes” sang Koroke at the Stag in Woodland.

Next up is to try and find some non snow areas before July 14.

This has been definite type 2 fun!

Published by tomconnolly3

Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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