Friday 5/12/23 Golden Oak spring mile 583 to Walker Pass southbound mile 565 (18 miles)

Interesting section. 1st 10 miles Tahoe like trees and climbs and the last 9 miles exposed long hot downhill. No water at all so another long water carry.

Lots of northbound hikers camped here, but I was to tired to mingle much.

Golden Oaks Spring


Felt a little dehydrated in the morning. A very friendly northbound hiker almost to the spring gave me 1/2 liter of water. Really ended up needing it as I eventually ran out of water despite drinking in the morning and bringing 4 liters..

Had to road walk for about 6 miles. Kinda unusual.

On this road MK10 forever it seemed.

Finally back on the trail and ready to go down 2500 feet.

The drop

Tehachapi area

Got so tired and hot, no more photos.

Made it. Trail angel picked me up after 15 minutes and returned to Dora the Explorer.

Redhouse BBQ and cold beer!

Will be taking a zero day at the Mountain Valley RV park then will return to Walker Pass to go 50 northbound up to Kennedy Meadows south and the end of the desert section of the PCT. 702 miles from Mexico to KMS south

Grumbly Bears retreat in Kennedy Meadows south.

Some off the hikers at Grumpys waiting to decide if they will brave the crazy snow conditions in the Sierras, or flip to some other location, delay restart, or just stop hiking. Eventually about 30 hikers continued on. Brave and hearty soles!

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