5/9/23 mile 638 to mile 622 dry camp 16 miles. Happy B day Rose!

Pretty chilly mornings, but not to bad on the trail.

Nice area.

Usual sunrise photo. Probably started hiking around 6:45.

Pretty barren area at times.

Wilderness area. No kiddin!

Found the huge water cache at mile 632 after 4 miles in the morning. Tons of water, 1st aid supplies, and even portable charging devices. Thanks “Devilfish”

Not lost yet.

Still not lost!

Starting to see rock formations similar to Tahoe.

Found a neat camping spot right next to a Joshua tree after 16 miles. Some wind protection. Those darn Joshua trees are actually giant cactus and are very very pointy(got my arms several times). this actually just shows a tiny section of shade I found during the day. Very exposed today.

Gotta love the official California reptile, the desert tortoise. Never saw one.

A very lonely picnic table in the middle of nowhere.

The 1000 kilometer mark. That’s maybe 4500 or 125 miles, did not learn that in school.

Camping spot in the Joshua tree day 2.

Morning pic next day. Slept great this trip!

This was a good but exposed day. Feeling pretty good!

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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