5/8/23 mile 653 Walker pass southbound to mile 643 (16 miles)

This total section will be 125 split between a southbound section on from Walker Pass to Tehachapi then back up to Walkers Pass to go 50 miles to Kennedy Meadows south and the end of the south or desert section.

It was fun going southbound for a change because almost everyone is going north bound and I got to see 15 to 20 hikers a day and I get great intel on water sources, camp spots and trail issues.

I parked my van at Cindy’s ranch in Mojave and she took myself and 2 other hikers (Jim and Wendy) to Walkers pass for the 85.5 mile southbound stretch .

Some Walkers Pass info. Mr Walker was the 1st white person to do that section (of course the natives did it all the time with no fanfare or plaques.

85.5 miles. Pretty good 1500 foot or so climb right away. This is possibly the driest section of the entire PCT and would be almost impossible to do except the a trail angel (Devilfish) maintains 2 water caches at mile 632 and mile 616 that are the only water sources for that section. It’s still carrying all the water you need for 20 miles, but at least you have water!

Pretty easy gradual uphill southbound from Walkers Pass.

Looking back down at Walkers Pass.

Possible water source before the long water carry.

Pretty easy walk with a nice grade and good trail conditions.

Some of the recent storms blew down tons of trees. Well over 200 “blowdowns” have to be climbed around, under or over. Usually not to difficult, , but sometimes very challenging and always irritating.

Going that way.

Water or camp spot. I’m happy about something. Lol.

Was lucky to find a pretty protected camp spot after 16 miles. Was a very very windy day. Dry camped, but I reach the water cache in just 4.5 miles in the morning.

Was a great 1st day back on the trail. Long water carry’s the next 2 days. Lots of climbs also. Can’t wait!

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