4/20/23 Willow Springs 556 to highway 58 mile 565

I actually did this section southbound for the views and easy exit to my trail angel. Only 9 miles so I slack packed and only carried minimal gear.

Because Cindy needed to pick up others and had to work, I didn’t start hiking till almost 11. Every north bounder, including the Codgers, were already done with that 9 miles before I started

Eventually will go this way.

Gotta love a train


1.5 mile road walk then a series of switchbacks straight up. Not to hot or windy, or steep, so it should be easy.

Love the PCT signs . I’m not lost!

Using spare hat and new glasses. Not sure where the old hat is.

Back there is highway 58 where I started


Close to the top of the switchbacks.

Signs at the end

And this section is done. About 125 miles over 10 days with 2 much needed rest days. Will now take a couple weeks off, and then tackle Walkers Pass and maybe Kennedy Meadows south

I have about 150 miles of the desert section still to go.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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