4/18/23 Tyler horse camp mile 542 to willow springs road mile 558

Pretty cold and windy last night. Did everything possible to stay in the tent. After hiking 24 miles for a least 13 hours, I actually feel pretty good. If I can get to Willow Springs road 18 miles up my trail angel will take me back to my van and I can go to an RV park for a shower and rest.

A little chilly still

The clouds are looking angry and moving fast

Tehachapi and more windmills (actually wind turbines) off in the distance

The Old Codgers did not take long to make up the 6 miles and catch up to me at the high point of this days climb. Very neat trail angel spot with chairs, a library, food, water, etc.

Still some snow, but not on the trail. It is crazy windy today. Every part of your body feels dried out.

Started the cold morning with about a 2000 foot climb. Pretty steep switchbacks at the start when thankfully I was fresh, then pretty gradual ascent. Not to bad at all.

Getting partially blown off trail at times. Eventually make it to Willow Springs road and my ride shows up 5 minutes later. I make arrangements to meet with the Codgers tomorrow and drive them around if needed and go to dinner

That’s 42 miles in 2 days. Sounds like a lot. Lol.

Taking a day of rest, then slack packing the final 9 miles of this leg. Will then decide if I continue on for the 85 miles to Walkers Pass. Although no snow, the water carry’s are long, and there are hundreds of trees blown down across the trail. Not sure I am up for that right now. It burns tons of energy, and takes a lot of time.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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