4/15/23. Saturday. Horse trail camp mile 508 to the famous Hikertown at mile 518

Nice camp spot, with wind protected site, and a crazy steep .2 across and it seemed like .3 down scramble to beautiful water

We really started to see some incredible wildflower views. Daneli promised me “no more climbing for 2 days”. In fact we climbed a total of 1300 feet divided over 7 irritating but pretty bluffs.

Lots of required nature shots coming up. Can’t help it.

Told you . That’s road 138 I think. We wonder by it for a spell.

Water cache maintained by trail angels including Cindy Brinkner. Without trail angels like Cindy, this trail would almost impossible.


These are called narrow leafed golden eyes.

Is the yellow billed “yard sale” in season? I am staying on trail just in case!

California poppies (state flower) also starting to show up.

Hikertown is a funky place. Weird outside shower, normal hiker bucket to do wash in, super tiny rooms with no power or linen (you get to use your sleeping bag again). The bathroom has a sign “if you are a dude, just use a tree).

For my zero day, I upgraded to a larger room, with power, sheets, blankets and pillows. Hopefully can roll out of bed early and hike.

18 miles flat with no water. Should be warm tomorrow and cooler Tuesday. We will see how I feel. All systems go.

It’s like a fake cowboy town, with signs on the front of buildings that really are just cabins or storage.

New camp shirt.

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