Tuesday July 19, 1922 mile 1198.3 to “piped stream” at mile 1216 (18 miles)

Nice early start to what is expected to be a hot clear day. Typical pretty sunrise to start the day.

It appears to be Sierra City far below us

This hike was nice in that numerous off trail water sources were pretty close to get to, even when there was no water on the trail.

The views just kept coming as the long climb continued.

Except for me, this was pretty area for certain!

Big PCT sign

One of the many lakes you come across. Most you can see but cannot realistically get to, kinda frustrating

The wildflowers were so thick you would almost choke on the pollen.

Water sources

Love the lakes

Trail magic on the downhill just before Pack Saddle campground. Great tasting orange Sanka! Campground is popular and has toilets and filtered water, always a welcome treat.

Pack saddle camp area

More easy water sources.

Almost their own Castle Crags rocks

Clouds building in the distance. Nothing developed

Lunch spot around 2:00 . About 14 miles in. To tired for a real photo. Lol.

Shasta forest signs.

5 people, day hikers, passed me just before my planned camp spot, causing me fear that no spots would be available. Happily many spots existed and about a dozen hikers camped here.

Nice buggy water spot at camp.

Made 18 miles today arriving in camp before 5:00. I see to rethink my food plans as stuffing and Knorrs side just taste terrible now. Also tuna and oatmeal.

Will try for another big day tomorrow. Feel pretty good so far, but I do have some blisters and rashes.


Published by tomconnolly3

Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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