Thursday July 21, 2021 south fork spring mile 1233 to mile 1253 Bear Creek (20 miles)

My view from inside the safety of my tent from the persistent buggies.

Not well organized this morning with a later 6:30 start.

Should be an interesting day. 2 moderate climbs and some tough burn areas to go thru.

The flowers are overwhelming in color and fragrance. Really incredible!

Not sure how and why this says red. Lol.

Now on the the old burn area.

These burn areas are so sad. I was hiking in the heat of the day, and the fires eliminated all shade. Everything tastes like ash, and anything you put on the ground gets stained black. If I have to camp in this stuff it will be sad.

Actually a water source.

Some ground brush is returning but the trees are just dead

Finally reached the middle fork of the Feather river at the prime time heat of the day. Got to take a refreshing swim, and treat and bandage my various rashes and blisters before trying another 4 miles after it gets cooler.

After every stream being close to 35 degrees, the feather river was at Rose’s perfect temp of around 80 degrees.

Footbridge over the feather river

Made it to my camp spot on the north side of the river. I was alone at the start. By 9:00 there must have been 10 tents in about 3 spots. Lol. The river drowned out all people sounds, as did the beating wings of massive armed skeeters that again kept me trapped in my tent

If I decide to stop at bucks summit and avoid the bad burn area, then after 15 miles tomorrow I hitch into Quincy, enjoy an ice cream and a cold beer, and try to get back to my car in Belden Town.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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