Friday July 22 Bear Creek (mile 1253) to Bucks summit and a hitch to Quincy at mile 1268, 15 miles.

Last nights camp spot when still alone. It does kinda look like a yard sale. Lol

Nice early start at around 6:08 am.

Sun peeking thru.

Early 700 foot climb and a later 1200 foot climb. Not to bad. Nice trails for the most part.

Generously called “seasonal stream”.

Lookout spring.

Lookout rock. Thankfully since so one was around to take my picture, I didn’t have to go peak over the edge (straight down).

Made it to Bucks Summit after 15 miles. Another hiker mentioned free ice cream at the Toy Store in Quincy for hikers, and that easily finalized my decision to avoid the burn area and just hitch into Quincy.

Bucks Summit. Took 45 minutes to get a ride. Not to bad considering lack of road traffic.

The Toy Store in Quincy gives a free ice cream to hikers. Lovely people and great ice cream. Cool store also. Please stop by to treat yourself if ever in Quincy!

A few of the thru hikers at the brewery in Quincy. Very tasty cold ale! Burgers looked good also!

Got a ride into Belden Town from excellent trail angel Donna (trail name Pink?). Lovely lady who was a lifesaver.

After 68 miles this section hike ended. Not sure what’s coming next, but hope to connect a couple more California sections or possibly head into Oregon or Washington soon. We will see.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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