July 8, 2022. Mile 1509 to mile 1524 on the ridge. Fantastic views!

We start, late for me but this is a relaxed fun trip around 7:30( 2 hours early for Caleb. We could leave now and he would catch us by 2nd breakfast).

The castle crags. Highest peak around 8500. We walked around it for 2 days and never got above it. Pretty cool

Love it

2nd breakfast. One of the top 6 meals of the day!

Gotta love the trees

3rd Breakfast, 1st lunch, who’s counting?

I’ll keep trying for the fair winning photo

Crags starting to get behind us


Lovely easy trails this section. A few rock spots and of course the climb, but it’s rarely steep

For my loving wife, the Picayune springs. Turned out to be minuscule.


3rd breakfast?

True hiker trash! I hate bugs and hate pouring chemicals on me, so I wear a trash bag sometimes at camp. Why not wear long pants you ask? If you hike warm(sweat) long pants don’t work. For me it works. Lol. Otherwise I have to hide in my tent and that sucks cause I like the people I hike with.

We covered 16 miles and 4400 feet of climb. Not to bad

Only 16 miles to go till exit, so a semi easy day, with maybe 1800 gentle climb. Steve was last to pick his tent spot and got the best Shasta view. Bless his heart.

Now we get to easy chill days, 1st maybe 2000 uphill, but gradual and over 8 miles. Then a easy cruise downhill for 6 miles. Life is good!

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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