Sunday July 3 Ash campground Mile 1471 to mile 1493 (don’t leave your wing man). Ooops. Sorry!

After 14 tough miles, JT was still feeling ill and decided to camp at the Squaw Creek/Cabin Creek trailhead. I would hike ahead 9 miles to water (2000 foot steady climb) and finish the hike the next day then drive back to the trailhead to get JT

Start of the day.

Great river. Neat blue color

Another water source on trail

PCT signs

Still having fun, but everything hurts! Lol this is the point where I pushed on ahead and JT camped

Nice cool temps made the 2k climb easier. Did a test of my hiking since I had 3 miles of pretty steady climbing. Carried 2.5 liters in hopes that I make it to water in nine miles.

Hiked 1st mile as hard and as fast as I could. Heavy breathing and numerous breaks and averaged 2.1 mph. 2nd mile did a much more relaxed pace with much less work, no heavy breathing, and no breaks. Averaged 2.05 mph. So clearly it’s just not worth it to overwork yourself

Made another rookie mistake today. Of the 2.5 liters I brought, i made the mistake of putting electrolytes in all the water and left none for cleaning. Therefore when I got to my camp spot 1/2 mile before water, I had to keep going to get cooking water then had to hike back uphill 1/2 mile. Felt so dumb and will never make that mistake again.

Kinda rocky camp spot tonight. It drizzled and showered and the plants were covered with water in the morning.

Just 7 miles tomorrow.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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