Saturday July 1 mile 1451 to Ash Camp at mile 1470. 20 miles!


Kinda a tough but rewarding day. Tough off trail hunts for needed water, 2 pretty good climbs, and a lot of miles. With a lot of effort, and a little misunderstanding on where to meet, we pulled off a 20 mile day making it possible to finish on Monday.

Just gotta love these sunrises.

Arrow to the off trail water source. 1/4 mile away and very hard to find with a short scramble as well once found. But this break let JT rest a bit which was helpful.

So many mosquitoes in this hard to find water spot

Barely found this trail to the water.

A very friendly doe scared the c out of me, then shared our trail.

This was the poison oak everyone was scared of. Was not an issue.

JT and the McCloud river. Lovely spot but the skeeters were brutal.

The great MCCloud river

We camped close to the crappy crapper. Hard ground but good sleep. We covered about 16 miles and feel pretty good.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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