Monday July 4 mile 1493 to Castle Crags state park mile 1500.6

Real drizzly day after a wet night. The wet plants and often overgrown trail continually dropped water on my legs and shoes since I was 1st on this section of trail this am. Sadly no views at all due to the mist

Mile 1500

Finished a fast day and easily found JT at the trailhead. Alive and well. She had to hike up around 600 feet to find a camp spot since the trailhead was a tad suspect

Not having had enough hiking (120 miles in 8 days) we walked the 1/4 mile to Hetchy Falls. It’s one of my favorite short hikes.



We made it!

Now in 2 days I do another 40 miles starting at Castle Crags. Should be nice!

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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