May 7, 2022. Mile 436 (North Fork) to Mile 455 (Aqua Dulce) and the finish of section D.

Probably the best sunrise of the trip as me and Cherly started off at almost 5:30 am to help beat the heat on our planned 18 mile day.

Due to the early start and hill slopes, we got to avoid direct sun for several hours. Our hopes were to get to the Acton KOA (8 miles away) as early as possible. We summited 1 early hill and I was looking forward to lunch, snack and Gatorade at the KOA as I was out of food (part of the lower your carry weight plan)

The desert towns way below were getting closer. It was nice having cell reception again.

The completion marker nothing where and when the PCT 1sr became “complete” in 1993.

Me and Cherly made it to the KOA by 9:30 for a nice lunch and break. Even though Craig left camp at least 1/2 hour behind us, we caught up to us just before the KOA.

We knew a tough 4 mile climb took place just after the KOA. I was thrilled we got to do most of the climb before noon, and we sometimes had a slight cooling breeze, This climb was almost completely exposed, but we soldiered thru just fine!

Our state flower, the golden poppy, finally showed up.

Highways off in the distance. We go thru a tunnel when we get there.

Another dark dank tunnel to go thru. The shade was welcome and it meant we only had 4 miles to go. Just past the tunnel is the famous “Vasquez Rocks” where many movies have been shot, including Star Trek (Korn) and Blazing Saddles.

Not “just a rock” as my nephew, Sergio, might say (that’s how he describes the rock of Gilpralter).

In Vasquez Park, a great trail angel “Star” gave us cold sodas and watermelon. Wow!

We think this is the really famous rock. But since we were told we “can’t miss it”, I suspect we did. Lol


Small post of the movies filmed here.

We made it to Aqua Dulce! After Al the beauty, the section ended with a 1 mile road walk. Lol

The official end of section d spot. The cold beer tasted great!

Craig caught us again and hustled to miles ahead and picked us up just as we finished. He then did a great job of getting us home by about midnight.

It was a great 80 mile trip well organized by Mike. For the next month me and Rose continue with our cross country tour and the Tiana Bouma wedding in Florida. Then hopefully in later June I can start the PCT again in Sierra City!

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