Star Wars day! May the forth be with you. Miles 394 (Cooper Canton) to Mile 407 (Pinyon Flat). Mile 400 on the PCT!

Another nice normal start to our day with walking beginning at 7:55

We still were almost last to leave from this site. Nice clean water and flat places to pitch tents. Another perfect weather day with at most mild winds. It does start to get warm in the afternoon.

Easy trails and great views

Nice lunch spot for tuna and tortilla.

Trail magic from Mark “Maddog”. . Mountain Dew, Pepsi and cookies tasted great after a solid 1200 foot morning climb from camp.

Reached mile 400 on the PCT. When this trip is done I will have traveled from Mexico to Aqua. Vistas continuous to mile 454 plus around 150 to 200 other PCT miles.

Guthooks/Far out lied to us about water at the station. It was most assuredly not on. But there was a pipe spring 1 mile further that made the day much easier.

Nice lunch spot off to the left

Strong like bull.

Nice camp and dinner spot. It was a good day with solid climbs and good trails and available water. All good.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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