May 2, 2022 miles 374 (Vincent Gap) to 394 (little Jimmies camp). Brutal climb in snow

After some logistical issues, Mike (Chief) Caleb (Jed Smith) and Sue (a #1 shuttle driver) dropped us off at Vincent Gap at 9:30 and the hike began.

Craig drove me and Cherly from Sacto to Agua Dulce where we hopefully will finish this hike.

A great crew!

Our plan was to start at Vincent Gap at 6500 feet and climb steadily up to Baden/Powell peak for lunch at 9200 feet. (Yes over 3000 elevation gain

The 1st couple miles was gradual and easy no snow. But that all changed at around 8000 feet elevation. We slowly encountered more trail snow until finally the switchbacks could not be found and we simply had to follow earlier snowy footprints straight up the hill. It was exhausting and brutal. I had brought micro spikes but didn’t use them. Did have 3 small butt sits, but no danger, just tired

More and more snow. It appeared never ending

Eventually we made the summit and enjoyed a nice elevated lunch!

What a view!

One of my 1st peaks! Baden-Powell (named after a famous Boy Scout founder

360 view

Things stayed snowy and hard until we finally got below 8000 feet again.

Lovely walk to the camp.

Room for at least 50 tents. Easy water right before camp was nice.

This was by far the hardest day of hiking I have ever had. Was very happy to be done.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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