Day 3. April 16. Miles 298 to mile 314 and Joshua Inn. 1st big problem.

After nestling into my tent, I sadly discovered my inflatable pad had spring a leak. Since there was no way fix it, I had a very uncomfortable night without a lot of sleep. I did find the hole at Joshua Inn and patched it. hope it holds .

Slow start since tired, but nice sunrise over the Deep Creek bridge.

Almost all day long we hiked next to Deep Creek. It was nice.

Mile 300 on the PCT. Kinda cool!

Very nice slight downhill trail, but very exposed.

Heading into the clothing optional Deep Springs hot springs.

Yes I took a soak. No my hiking outfit did not get wet, and no, absolutely no selfies. No one needs to see that. EVER!


Very popular springs. People hike in 5 miles to get there

Pictures a nice hummingbird video here to be added later

No immediate high hills, but the San Gabriel mountains await!

Suppose to show a no water dam.

Had to wade across this after 16 miles. Not fun.

There is the damn dam

Done for the day. Off to Joshua’s for pizza, Gatorade, and patch work.

Just a small town bar. We camp in the horse area

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