Day 2. Friday April 15. Mile 278 (Cougar trail) to mile 298 (Deep Creek bridge)

After a quick bagel and coffee, Kenny drove me 15 minutes to the detour trailhead to return me to the PCT. I went to take a selfie with Kenny and discovered I had left my phone on the table. So we got to do the trailhead drop off twice. Lol.

Kenny was great as always!

6:45 start to the day. 2.2 miles gently uphill to the trailhead. Took a little more than an hour

Perfect day. Chilly but no wind or rain. Easy trail for most of the day with water at least every 8 miles.

Easy well marked soft trail most of the way. And mostly downhill.

Hard to get lost

A trail angel left trail magic. Since it was meatless Friday, a packet of tuna came in handy.

If you can see the snowy peak way off in the distance, I am hiking to the base of that. Still about 75 miles away.

True happiness is finding a clean pit toilet in the middle of nowhere at just the right time!

1st great water spot of the day. About mile 9 of the day, 288 on the trail. Soaked my feet and ate my new tuna.

Great views, easy trail.

Drivable dirt road to this spot. Small stream also.

More destination views in the distance

14 mile mark for tbe day and our 1st water cross. “Popeye” is on the right. Part of the Kenny’s crew. I have some funny stories about this character!

Made it to the Deep creek bridge where I will finally camp. Almost 12 hours on the trail and about 22 miles total. Glad I did it cause now I only have 16 tomorrow,

We did have about 5 water crosses and some stream bed hiking, but mostly it was a pretty easy day.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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