Day 1. Thursday April 14. Slack pack from Big Bear city (mile 266 to cougar path (mile 278)

After a luxurious sleep, Kenny took me to the trailhead and with than 10 pounds in my pack(kept the extra stuff at Kenny’s) off I went!

Kenny’s place. Now has a hot tub and archery gear!

I immediately got passed by 2 people, but saw no other northbound today.

1st 2.5 miles was flat and soft.

Our old friend the prickly pear cactus followed us from our south desert trip.

The guidebooks described “softball size rocks” to contend with. They didn’t lie.

More rocks. There is a trail under there somewhere.

Some nice views were available.

But fires have taken there toll.

1st water source and an access road that leads back to town.

Made it to Cougar pass by 2 making ok time. Did not see Courtney Cox anywhere. The 2.5 mile detour to get back to town was crowded, but nice and pretty easy. Kenny picked me up at the trailhead and now it’s time for showers and laundry. Tomorrow is a long day with 14 trail miles and the early 2.5 mile climb uphill back to the PCT

Published by tomconnolly3

Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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