Training hike 3/2/22 Pt. Reyes 3 day loop

Finally got to do the Pt. Reyes trail. From the visited center we climbed up my Wittenberg (800 ft) and camped at the Coast Camp. We then hiked to another site, walked to a great waterfall hitting then beach then walked back to the Center. Great hikes, great views , toilets and water at the camp sites but brutal weather. It was well worth the effort. Thanks again Sacramento Backpackers and Craig!

Kinda rainy at the start and got to try out my poncho. Got way to hot way to quick

Easy trail and moderate climbs on the 1st day. 8 miles or so total.

Lovely ocean views finally popped up through the rain

Reached a very nice beach with a great camp site walked a few miles on the sand

Had a great sunset. Tons of color

Our plan was to get to the wildcat camp on day 2 and check out the waterfall. Very windy day and brutal winds at night. My tent settled in the nite and I got some significant water pool at the end. feet wet but I survived. Lots of issues with our group setting up tents and cooking in the wind.


Another moderate pretty hike with great views and less Ethan 1000 elevation climb

Made it to camp early with lots of time to explore

Got to see lots of elk at the wildcat camp. Not sure if the photos will show them. Also saw a coyote later.

Neat beech

Waterfall went right onto the beach and was getting blown off track

The elk were not worried about us at all

Easy climb out with less then 800 feet climb. I strongly recommend this hike.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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