8/16/21. TM to MCCabe and Return creek. Forest Fire miles 942 to 955. 13 miles. Maybe 1500 feet elevation gain

Here we go!

Nice deer on the path.

At mile 950, a fire was just starting to kick in. Probably 400 yards away separated by a small valley. We watched it for 1.5 hours to make sure it was not a risk to us. It was unnerving as had no escape option. Happily 15 minutes after pushing forward, we reached a huge meadow and safely in case the fire shifted. Thankfully it did not.

We actually could see the trees burning and heard the loud explosions of the dead trees

This is my favorite meadow EVER! Lol

We continued on to Glen Aulin high camp at mile 948 at elevation 7890. Great waterfall here and tents and horse facilities can be available, just not today.

Thought i took a pic of the waterfall. Guess not, lol.

We climbed about 1000 feet to Mcabe and Return creek and camped, a little shaken by the fire, but feeling pretty good

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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