PCT training, and bears. July 31. No PCT miles

this was a training hike in the trinity alps. Never had been there (just northern west of redding). My buddy Gary had set up a Tahoe Rim Trail hike but the smoke changed things our original 8 was reduced to 2, but we knew we would have a blast

Gary (wisely) chose the Canyon Creek trail in the Trinity alps, a classic pure up then back down 1 day hike, but our goal was to explore.

About 3k in ups, about half east And half stone steps.

Beer scat. Several hikers had their non beer canisters taken.

Ignore me in the photo. I did swim in 3 lakes this trip, but that photo is not this trip (I do look good. Lol.

One of several epic lakes.

We were so happy. Climbed 1k

pretty hard swam. Had food, and chilled. It was a hard 900 foot climb

Then at our most relaxed, we saw this

Trust me, it looked like major fire close reflection. The photo does mot do it fistice. We considered spending another night at the lake, but when the smoke was for 30 minutes the right directiom, we started to hike down.

Because of what we thought was a close fire, we decided to hike out that day. A nice solid 15 miles.

Next is 212 on the PCT in 10 days.

Published by tomconnolly3

Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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