July 10, 2021. Return to the PCT (briefly), ranger stations and swimming and camping at lovely Lower Twin Lakes.

Again, a pretty easy gradual ascent up to Horseshoe lake.

Goodby to Stags lake for the day.

Many side trails are available.

2nd breakfast at the unmanned ranger station. Treated water was available, which is always nice. Also a pot toilet. But no people.

More trail options. Wish this area was not 4 hours away.

Upper twin lakes off in the distance.

Lower twins lake

Back on the PCT at mile 1356. Sadly only get to stay on the PCT for 2 miles.

PCT trail looks just like every other trail.

Easy to walk and hard to get lost.

Very Purdy!

Lower twin lakes off in the distance. Looks inviting.

1st or 2nd lunch at lower twins lake. Swam here and the water was bathtub warm. Rose would love it(except for the dirt, bugs, mud, sleeping on them ground)

Leaving the PCT at mile 1358. We camped here.

Another unmanned ranger station on the PCT just north of lower twin lakes.

2nd lunch or 1st dinner at lower Twin lakes. Can’t wait to swim!

And didn’t have to. Water was cool and clean. Camped a short distance east

Very nice camp spot. We arrived at the lake around 12 and really got to relax for many hours.

Huge camping area. Nice and flat.

It was a very nice relaxing day. Was great to swim in a lake after seeing so many. tomorrow we rise early to beath the heat (start hiking At 6 and hope to reach Cinder Cone before 9. Almost no shade tomorrow due to fires and cindercone Forgot my phone charger cord so will not have many photos tomorrow.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

One thought on “July 10, 2021. Return to the PCT (briefly), ranger stations and swimming and camping at lovely Lower Twin Lakes.

  1. Ah! You’re in the good country now! Glad you are enjoying it again , but glad you are getting off because of all the fires and smoke.


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