9/26/21. Peaks, Passes and Meadows, Owe My!! Rejoining the PCT at mile 928, Gem Pass and Lake, and Donahue pass. (And lots and lots of mosquitoes). Eventually mile 928 to mile 933

We had nice leisurely starts each morning around 8:30. it was windy at night, but then clouds and wind cleared by morning

Hiking down then up to Gem pass and lake was pretty and largely moderate, just normal mountain climbing.

Easy path early day 2.

We reach Gem pass, which like Parker pass was just “there”.

Craig resting and making sure all 8 of us were still around. The slinky was condensed at this point.

Gem lake

Break spot. Thoughts of the PCT and Donahue pass are hard to ignore.

Gem lake

I call this “Tom’s lake” since I never learned it’s name.

Tom’s lake

Go left to reach the PCT. We did.

Lots of great water during all sections of this hike.

Eventually reach Waich lake which is damned. Expected great views based on prior descriptions.

But it was not to be. Only the small Rush River on the other side. It looked like a giant bomb had gone off.


Log pass over to mile 928 on the PCT. It will be nice to be able to use Guthooks again.

Break time before rejoining the PCT.


We start slowly climbing the 1500 feet to Donahue pass. Like Parker Pass, the 1st 1000 feet of climb was very gradual. Then over the last 1 mile, you cover 600 mosquito covered trail.

Slight climb, great views.

PCT that away!

Great water. Most certainly not the desert.

Donahue Pass in the distance. You can see the snow melting on the hills, and the mosquitoes gearing up for our arrival.

Could not take rests or treat water on the ascent of Donahue. Some of the larger mosquitoes carried weapons,’and were not afraid to use them. It was brutal.

Made the summit with only a slight lost trail at the end.

Going that away!

Ansal Adams signpost.

The descent from Donahue down to the lakes where we will camp. Rocky 1.67 miles

The descent continues.

1st of 2 lake crosses. To the right is a series of rocks to cross the lake. Made it without falling in.

Final path on our way to camp. Can’t wait to get there. 2 days of climbs are taking their toll.

Luann and Carmen found us great places to camp. My feet got wet on the rock cross over the lake to get to the camp, which was filled with day hikers on this very nice Saturday. It was a great place to camp. My chicken teriyaki was excellent, although I did arrive a little later than I prefer (close to 7 making it a pretty long day). I felt tired but good, with no real aches or injury. Tomorrow we get a 1500 feet easy descent then easy flat meadow walk for 10 miles into Tuolumne Meadows where this part of the adventure stops.

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One thought on “9/26/21. Peaks, Passes and Meadows, Owe My!! Rejoining the PCT at mile 928, Gem Pass and Lake, and Donahue pass. (And lots and lots of mosquitoes). Eventually mile 928 to mile 933

  1. What beautiful country! Love your pictures! Glad you don’t have to worry about water. Wish we could send mosquito netting for your protection against those mosquito warriors.


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