6/27/21. Miles 933 to mile 945 and Return to Tuolumne Meadows and the completion of our loop. Great burgers at Walker Burgers.

Nice 8:30 am start and the last time we saw everyone together as Carmen went on ahead. Very nice day, but it did get warm quickly (apparently 108 back home).

Lovely descent

Meadows, meadows , and more Meadows for the entire 11 miles to TM. Soft easy trail. It was nice to rest your aching legs.

Soft path

1st break at about mile 936.

Meadows and forest sights continued.

Various bridge crossing rather than rocks. I like bridges better.

Lovely areas for breaks



1st PCT sign in a while.

Great area to play


Got a little confused at the end. A shortcut to the backpackers camp exist that would have saved me 1.5 miles, but I went ahead on the trail near Lambert. I suspect almost all PCT hikers leave the trail for the shortcut, since the shortcut leads directly to the store and grill, with snacks and beers.

More bridges and water around mile 944

Trailhead for day hikers

We made it by around 3. Very nice but warm day.

And our final reward for good hiking, great burgers and ice cream at Walkers burgers an hour down the road. Next up is a meetup hike with Mike on July 9 that will include about 5 miles of the PCT.

Overall this was a great trip. The uphills were tiring, and the downhill rock steps hurt, but you always forget the pain by the end of the day and somehow plan more tortures for the future. Can’t wait!!!

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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