May 27, 2021. Miles 256 to 266, Big Bear, nice easy day, Kenny the ultimate trail angel, and bad Karaoke (by me at least).

Got off to an ok early start at 6:15. Had 2 moderate to easy early climbs when rested, and just cruised the rest of the day (remember that “cruising” for me looks like distressed shuffling to everyone that passes me by).

Not many photos as I was eager to get to Big Bear.

The real water spot at mile 256

Road water a couple miles into the day. I did not partake.

Really easy walking most of the day.

There is beauty in the wild. and the dog was nice too!

Might be Big Bear or a dried up lake in the background. Turns out it was an airport.

Very open exposed areas for miles. Fortunately it was early and not to hot.

At about 2 miles from highway 18 I called trail angel Kenny who transports and houses hikers at his place a few miles from Big Bear.’ He Is a truly great and unique fellow!

Getting near to mile 266 and a break.

This car handles most of the trips. It had 7 of us in it on the way to dinner, lol

The legendary Kenny Anderson’s and “Kenny’s Place”’. He puts up hikers every day during the hiking season, and takes them to and from the trail and town as desired. It was Memorial Day weekend and every place in town was full and over priced. But Kenny had an air mattress with my name on it, and I was thrilled.

This is the trail head at highway 18, mile 266.

Down time in Big Bear. To tired to walk, so I went with the horse carriage.

Sam, a hurt hiker recovering at Kenny’s does some of the driving in place of rent. A true win-win.

Our dinner and drinks crew that stayed at Kenny’s that night. Really nice folks!!

Really really bad Karaoke by me. I can’t get the video to load, Consider yourselves lucky, lol.

Early morning drive by Kenny to get me to the San Bernardino transit station 60 miles away. Despite confirming a week earlier that the bus would run from big bear to San Bernardino that Monday, in fact it was canceled due to the holiday. Kenny saved my life and got me to the train on time. It was then 2 trains and 15 hours to get back home.

Some great ocean views from the train

So from rockslides, to water carries, desert and heat to 9k elevation and frozen Sawyer filters, from Julian to Idyllwild to Big Bear, from the professor, navy Nick, Manny, and Kenny to all the other great trail folks I have met, it has been a grand adventure, and one that will continue

After all these trial and tribulations, and weeks away from home, I cannot get over the fact that at 266 miles, I am 10% (Ten percent) complete. Gives you real respect for the through hikers that complete the trip.

Till next time!

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

2 thoughts on “May 27, 2021. Miles 256 to 266, Big Bear, nice easy day, Kenny the ultimate trail angel, and bad Karaoke (by me at least).

  1. Tom- welcome home! You should be so proud of your achievement!! Hard work but what fun – even karioke!!


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