May 26, 2021. Miles 239 to mile 256. Ok water carry, mile 250!, some nice forest views, and Big Bear area looms in the distance.

Woke early, had 1st breakfast at 5:30am (leftover stove top stuffing), and hit the trail right around 6:00 am

Made it to Coon Cabin after 6 miles. You can rent this place for groups, but I cannot see why. The windows and doors are gone, and the rats are in. Had 2nd breakfast outside. Very nice quiet day with a slight cooling breeze.

Picture out of order.

Somehow, all the garbage was on the ground. Must have been from animals, as most of the trail has been pristine.

And I make it to mile 250!!!

Only 6 miles to go to get to water and camp. I only carried 3 liters, as I guzzled 1.5 liters before I started, and needed no water till later.

The next 4 miles were very gentle, as most of the climb was behind us. I was cruising and made great time into camp at mile 256. Of course, cruising for me is “distressed shuffling” for everyone that passes me on the trail.

Fortunately, a “trickle stream” existed just below my camp spot at Aristane camp, and I did not need to walk 1/2 mile down to the water soirée and back.

Someone left some nice painted rocks as PCT souvenirs.

At mile 254, Onyx point, a water cache sometimes exists with the help of “Mountain Momma”. Sadly, no water today.

The water spot at mile 256 had a bunch of friendly bees. We left each other alone.

I don’t know if the bees are visible in the last couple pics.

Feeling great with only 10 moles to go to get to Big Bear, and food, showers, and a rail break.

It was a nice, easy, pretty 16 miles with only a couple moderate climbs that I was able to tackle before 12, and the heat.

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Former 270 pound hiking noob is attempting to hike the PCT starting April 8!

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