5/18/21. Miles 127 to 145. Mary’s oasis, weird but great water, and a couple more medium moderate climbs.

Sunrise leaving Mike’s place at about 6:30. Had my oatmeal and hit the trail before most of the others, but they all passed me

A Boy Scout troop provides a water cache just below Mike’s place. Very cool of them.

So much green for a dessert

Some of the trail is very overgrown, this a an easy part. Many brief sections are tougher.

Other areas had clouds, not us. It got warm quickly today. Did sunscreen up, and tried to stay covered.

This is the useless crank at Tule springs, mile 137. A short steep hike takes you to the “spring” that has god awful looking water. But someone put in a hose down deep that emits a slow but clean and cold fill up spot. Bless their soul! Too early and to hot (12:00) to camp with 10 miles in, so took an hour break, filled 3 liters, drank 1.5 liters and got ready for the tough, hot ascent for the next 8 miles. Would camp if a good spot was present, if I felt it was needed.

This is the junction to the prior water. .2 downhill, but nowhere to stash your gear in the shade.

Pretty flowers. Am starting to like this nature stuff. It’s so hot and dry, and they fight so hard for life. It’s inspiring.

Some views of the last 7 miles with climbs. There would be more photos, but I’m gasping for breath and pulling myself up on low bush roots a lot (just kidding about the roots, some minor trips but no falls yet).

Thought this was a neat combo rock. Like a little Pikachu rock climbed on top of Snorlax.

Made it to Mary’s Oasis at mile 145 at 5:15. Mary is the very cool property owner who hand fills a water tank she put on the property. She lets PCT hikers camp, and fill much needed water there and sometimes brings dinner and fruit. Almost everyone from Mike’s made it to Mary’s, some faster than others. You don’t have to guess which group I fit in with, lol.

Kevin decided to sleep under the John Muir likeness at Mary’s. Pretty cool. Very warm night Have a rash, but that’s expected after two 18 mile days. Slept terrible (all the level spots were taken by the time I arrived). But I know I am only hiking 7 miles tomorrow and can take a NERO (nearly a zero day of hiking) in Idyllwild tomorrow. The NERO is the reward for two 18 mile days. Cannot wait to see Paradise Cafe 1 mile off the trail at mile 151.

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