The adventure continues (A little bit for now). 5/1/21. Miles 1404 to 1421 Baum Lake to Lake Britton dam and the epic Burney Falls and the Stand by Me bridge

Our start at Baum lake

Easy trail at the start

Followed Baum Lake with an easy ascent for a while

Power lines but no cell service

Burney Ranch is down this path. When open, Tons of PCT’ers head there for ice cream and beer. Closed today so we soldiered on.

We crossed highway 299. Cars don’t care if you are taking a selfie. Lol.

This used to be a bird watchers cache. Solar panels were up that provided hot showers and ability to charge your devices. This all went away when the Burney ranch opened its doors. No sign of anything here now.

I was told to put more photos of “nature and shit” in my blog. So here it is.

Hope your happy

Huge cut out area where they have buried gas pipes. No sign of the pipes, but the cut out area is massive.

No idea why I took this photo. Maybe it will come to me later.

In the distance are the lava flows. The water from Albright springs goes thru this and is probably already filtered.

Albright Springs camp area to the right .2 of a mile. This was the hardest part of the hike as it was steep and loose soil.

Albright Spring. Great water.

Our campsite. Very nice, secluded and flat. The roaring spring created perfect white noise to sleep to.

This is the train bridge the boys used to run from the train in the movie Stand by Me. The younger members of our group of course never heard of the movie and were not thrilled with the 1/2 mile detour and uphill scramble to get back to the pct path.

Baum lake kinda came and went in our views throughout the hike.

Trail was pretty well signed.

Canada or Mexico? Which way to go? Almost at the halfway point in the pct (other than that pesky skipped 1300 miles).

Crossing highway 89 on the way to Burney Falls. Still a lovely easy hike.

Several required Burney Falls pics to follow. This incredible waterfall has large sections where the water erupts from the rocks themselves, rather than flowing over the top. We were treated to 3 large otters frolicking in the pool, but they were faster than my video tape or photo abilities.

The color of the water is just so ……

Visio rarely works for me but I did try it

I got as close to the water as I could. It was pretty misty.

Back on the trail after our 1.5 mile detour for the Burney Falls loop trail. Well worth it.

Lake Britton.

Lake Britton.

Nice easy path to the dam.

Caleb and me at the finish. Since he is young and fast, this is the closest I got to him the entire hike (and only cause his dad made him wait for us).

These weird metal art sculptures showed up at a local business.

After the hike we met for lunch at JJ’s cafe in Old Station about 30 miles from where we finished. The PCT is about 100 feet from here, and they provide great food and showers for the hot and smelly PCT’ers when they start showing up around July. The burger and the cold beer was excellent!

I then finished the day by walking the Subway Cave in Old Station. I will show the start and the end, but did not photo the middle cause it really just looks like an empty gray closet.



For future events, I plan on doing another small section of the PCT around Hat Creek in a few weeks and I am scheduled to hike sections I, J and k of the PCT in august. 212 miles and lots of food carries required, but water should be plentiful and snow much less. Hopefully I can get some other sections of the PCT in before or after that.

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