Day 2. 4/9/21. Cadillac camping, Cool Carl and trail angels, and don’t trust the weather reports

Day 2 began at the lake Moreno campground and the planned finish was 13 miles later at Cibbets campground, with a climb of around 1000 total feet I felt great in the morning with no blisters and pain, except for my left shoulder which I fell on yesterday (and yes, when you take 50,000 steps in a day, you occasionally miss one in the shadows)

Since I was meeting up with rose at Cibbets, I got to “Cadillac hike” or slack pack and left my tents, pads, stove and cold clothes in Dora The Explorer. Since good water was available every 4 miles, I only had to carry 2 liters of water and little food. I probably carried less than 15 pounds. After carrying over 30 the day before, it was well appreciated

Thought I was thwarted

But the gate opened so I continued

Gorgeous and easy 1st 6 miles. Desert vistas, huge easy path lined with many blooming plants.

The view back towards Lake Moreno

At the undercrossing good water and friendly fellow hikers were available. I did not take any water as I was waiting for the treated water at Boulder camp ground

The easy path continued till Boulder camp at which point I met our 1st trail angels. They provided applies and fruit, pastries and candy. It was greatly appreciated and helped keep my food in my bag all day long

Just past Boulder camp, a pretty steady but moderate uphill climb began leading to the epic cool Kitchen Creek (my photo may not show it, but about 100 yards below the trail is a very nice creek with swimming holes, great water, etc. I admired it from afar, as it was to hot to waste time on the beauty of nature. Lol

In the parking lot just past Kitchen Creek, Cool Carl was giving out Gatorade and Frito Lay chips. I didn’t know how thirsty I was until I drank 2 in about 10 seconds. By this point it was about 12, and it was getting hot (I need to start hiking earlier and rest from 1 till 4 then restart if needed.

The moderate climb continued for the next couple of hours till I reached the campground. Very nice views were available, and the climb was ok.

Just before the campground I reached an area that is suppose to be filled with un exploded bombs. I was happy I did not have to leave the trail during this stretch.

I met Rose at the campground (.7 down from the trail which I will need to hike up again at the start of the day tomorrow). We decided to drive 25 minutes back to lake Moreno where we still had reservations, ate at the malt shop again (we both had very good cheeseburgers with crispy fries, no pictures because we ate them to fast), and returned to a now very busy and hectic lake Moreno campground.

And by the way, don’t trust the weather reports, at least as to nighttime temps. Relying on predictions and up to date reports claiming the outside temp was 45 degrees, I left all my shower washed clothes and my backpack on the metal table outside Dora to dry. When we awoke, my clothes and pack were frozen solid and we had to wait till 9:00 or so for them to thaw before I could start. On the plus side, Rose took the time to make some excellent coffee and bacon, cheese and egg burritos, that were quite yummy.

Rose now leaves to start her own adventure, and I likely have a short day with only 10 miles into Mount Laguna (but about 3000 vertical feet gained.). I am ready for an early start to beat the heat, and hope to find a place to set up tent (on weekends the campgrounds fill up quick). I still feel great and look forward to more good days.

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