Day 1. 4/8/21. Miles 1 to 20.

Was 1st to sign the registry at 6:15 am. Hoped to get 20 miles in to get to lake Moreno where rose was camping and a shower and pizza awaits (at the famous Oak Shore malt shop).

We spent the day before testing out Dora the Explorer (our new converter van) and visited the key PCT spots from Idyllwild to Julian to lake Moreno. Dropped of a bounce box in julian, had some great pie there, and got some great info on where to stay during my trip

Only 2650 miles to go!

Great water at mile 4.4. Last water for 16 miles so I filled up 6 liters (and used every drop)

The climb up to the top of Hauser valley was harder than I anticipated (of course if I read my Guthooks correctly, learned to use my GAIA, or remembered what I read in the books and watched in the videos I would not have been surprised). The 2 mile drop into the canyon was often hard, and included a lot of rock steps, etc that can be awkward and knee hurting. This brought me to mile 14.4 at about 4 o’clock

The valley was nice and had lots of great camp site (but no water). I rested there for almost an hour and a bit before 5 began the difficult last 5 miles to lake Moreno. It was hot, but I climbed the 1600 feet ok. The big drama was a 5 foot rattler that was camped in the middle of the trail( no walk around was possible). I scared it away and used my pack as a shield as I scampered by. Arrived in lake Moreno at 6:15, so it was a long 20 miles (the thought of a shower and comfortable bed was a great incentive to keep walking

Other than the snake, the only other problem was my sawyer treatment systems clogged and I could not unclog it till way later. A very kind lady let me borrow her sawyer at mile 4.4 so I filled up my 6 liters and used every drop

Met some nice people, as they passed me by (I am steady but slow). I feel pretty good so far. I did fall on my shoulder, and it’s a bit sore, but no apparent lasting damage and it did not affect my hiking. No blister or unusual pain, but I am a tad sore. Hopefully will recover by tomorrow

Tomorrow is planned to be a moderate day, going about 13 miles to Cibbets flat campground just .8 of a mile off the trail. Good water and toilets, but no showers. The next day will resupply in Mt Laguna and camp somewhere further down. Eventually will end up in Julian near mile 77 for a planned zero day . The equipment is working well, but I suspect my base weight is to high(around 18 pounds). We will see what I don’t use.


Mile 20

Rose pointing at me finishing the 1st 20

I did continue to earn my trail name “Yardsale” as I dropped a bandana early on and another nice lady returned it to me.

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6 thoughts on “Day 1. 4/8/21. Miles 1 to 20.

  1. The rattlesnake would have ended it for me. Keep going Tom, umm I mean Yardsale! The nice lady probably used the bandana so it was helpful for her. Looking forward to the next update.


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